The Best Things About Waking Up Early


Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash

SLEEP IS AMAZING! Who doesn’t love sleep? Don’t we all just want to get that moment when we can completely enjoy it without getting interrupted?

It’s often a common misconception that morning persons don’t like to sleep a lot. We sleep as much as night owls do, but only in a different schedule. There seemed to also be stigma in today’s society, that it’s nearly impossible for college students or those of the working class to wake up early. That an all-nighter is always the answer, and if you’re not working late, then are you even working at all?

It’s quite alarming that the other people’s notion of productivity and success is only when you’re tired or didn’t get enough sleep. If you look well-rested, then people would think that you’re not working hard enough. I’m not saying that the night owl’s lifestyle is not good when in fact, it works for a lot of people. My point is, the morning person’s routing, works too. Here’s why:

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The Wave That Saved My Life

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This is a story about my first tattoo.

A wave. Water undulating on my arm as if it’s telling me to rise whenever I fall, to be stronger than the current.

I got this a year ago, on the month of November year 2016.

It’s not quite obvious that I’ve been through really challenging times growing up. I have loving people all around me, but fate doesn’t always cooperate. Up until now, honestly, there are still things that remain unfixed. There are still parts of my life that are wandering and unsettled but, I continue to look on the brighter side, thanks to the wave that brought me back to the shore.

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I Gave Myself a Gift This Year

As you’re lying in bed at night ready to call it a day, you stare at the walls of your dim room and you blink yourself to sleep. No more cars on the driveway, no more dogs barking, and your neighbors are asleep. Just as you are about to doze off, it dawned on you that you forgot to cross one thing off your 2 paged to-do list. Then, you suddenly hear it. It’s your inner voice saying, “That was something important! How could I even forget? What’s wrong with me?! Am I that stupid?”

You’re with your friends having a good time. You laugh at each other, you laugh with each other, and you pass each other drinks and chips. Beneath the noise coming from the music playing on the background, you exchange stories and jokes. You remembered something funny and you started to tell them what it was. They don’t laugh. In fact, they didn’t even listen to you at all. Deep inside there’s a tinge of embarrassment. You hear yourself again, “I don’t seem to be good enough for my friends. They always ignore me, they probably don’t like me.” 

Are we our own mentors or our own enemies?

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Another Chapter One

Here I go, once again.
I never thought I would face an almost empty blog after 5 years!

I started a blog back in 2012. I was 15 years old and driven to create a platform for self-expression. I regularly posted every week and I belonged to a community of welcoming people creating all sorts of content. I was posting make-up reviews, outfits, thrift store hauls, DIY projects, travel write-ups, and sharing my favorite (obviously amateur) photos I took in different places. I expressed my realizations as I grew up, graduated from high school, entered a relationship, and had what I thought was a failed attempt at writing poetry.

It was the period of drought for my blog when it was my second year in college. Work was piling up, and I took opportunities which came with huge responsibilities. My self-esteem and emotions were tested. Then, I thought, I could never properly write again.

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