The Wave That Saved My Life

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This is a story about my first tattoo.

A wave. Water undulating on my arm as if it’s telling me to rise whenever I fall, to be stronger than the current.

I got this a year ago, on the month of November year 2016.

It’s not quite obvious that I’ve been through really challenging times growing up. I have loving people all around me, but fate doesn’t always cooperate. Up until now, honestly, there are still things that remain unfixed. There are still parts of my life that are wandering and unsettled but, I continue to look on the brighter side, thanks to the wave that brought me back to the shore.

Why on my right arm? To be honest, I wanted to have this as a reminder to keep going forward. It reminds me of a missing loved one and the beach, the place I remember the most. It was where I had the fondest memory of him, looking out into the horizon, being kids together just like when we were young and building sandcastles. It also reminds me of my Faith, that He is bigger than my problems and His promise in me remains.

It was a risky decision. I have been worrying about my future career, whether I’ll get rejected in job hirings because of it. Do I have to cover it up? Hide it? But why? Wouldn’t that defeat it’s purpose for me? I did it anyway, because I had a reason and it felt right and no matter what, I will fight for it.

Now, whenever I see it, I smile and I take a deep breath in. I imagine the smell of the sea and the feeling of sand beneath my feet. I imagine the waves slowly creeping on the sand as if it’s bringing pieces of the horizon back to shore. At the beach, where kids are playing and are restless, where adults are kids again. Where creatures remain undiscovered beneath the ocean, as if the world hasn’t figured itself out yet. The world still has a long way to go. That gives me so much hope.


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